Akesó Lab

Akesó was the Greek goddess of the healing process. The mission of the Akesó Lab is to provide precise patient-treatment matching of adaptive mind-body interventions for adults across the life span living with spinal pain and cognitive frailty. Our intention is to leverage mechanistic studies and pragmatic clinical trials focused on neuroplasticity and whole-person health outcomes. These discoveries will inform the refinement of an integrative rehabilitation approach aimed at enhancing interoception and motor control and enriching eudaimonia and healthy aging.

Current Research



Project AdaPT is a pilot clinical study that is investigating guideline-based Physical Therapy (PT) care for people with chronic low back pain...

Soma Caligraphy

Project Soma is a pilot experimental study that is investigating brain cortical activity responses, measured using functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS), during the engagement in different forms of focused awareness meditation practices...

Hypnos Caligraphy

Project Hypnos is a study investigating the mind-body connection through the impact that bodily awareness has on dynamic balance in people with chronic ankle instability...

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