Edmond Y. Chang

Associate Professor
Department of English
Ellis Hall
Ohio University

Affiliate Faculty with Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WGSS)
Affiliate Faculty with Rhetoric and Composition

New & Updates:

Research & Interest Areas

20/21C American Literature
  • surveys of 20/21C American literature
  • diversity & the literary canon
  • Asian American, African American, and Ethnic American literature
  • graphic novels & young adult literature
  • emphasis on ethnic futurisms and speculative literatures color (e.g. Asianfuturism, Afrofuturism, Indigenous Futurism)
  • Vice President of the Octavia E. Butler Literary Society: https://oebliterarysociety.weebly.com/
Queer Theory & Cultural Studies
  • queer literature & queer theory
  • emphasis race, gender, sexuality, & intersectionality
  • feminist media studies
  • posthumanism & technoculture
  • popular culture


Analog & Video Game Studies
Composition & Rhetoric
  • games & writing
  • computers & writing
  • digital rhetoric
  • queer rhetoric
  • first year writing
Pedagogy & Professionalization
  • teaching (with) literature
  • teaching (with) writing
  • teaching (with) games
  • graduate student professionalization & job placement

Professor Chang is extremely knowledgeable on the topics his courses cover, and he makes the information accessible to students.  He always facilitates interesting, thought-provoking discussions.  His weekly assignments are very challenging, however, he always provides constructive feedback.  I enjoyed the challenges presented in his class.  I definitely see a great improvement in my writing.

The professor was tough, the class was interesting, the course work was hard, but everything was so involved and so eye opening, I feel I could take the exact class a second time and come out learning more than I had the first time around. It may not have been an easy A type class, but it was extremely influential for me in my writing, critical thinking, and interpretation of the world as a whole.

--Feedback from Former Students

This is all just to say that while observing the class I saw almost everything we look for in a teacher. [Dr. Chang] was funny and engaging, compassionate and patient, yet fearless about challenging some of their most ingrained ideas about the world. His class is introducing students to sophisticated ways of thinking about texts—sci-fi, fantasy, gaming, and other forms of mass culture—that their peers are more likely to consume without serious thought or reflection. This is all in the very best traditions of close-reading and cultural criticism, and I could feel in the room the energy and excitement that comes from expanding the canon to include works very close--in terms of period, language, and culture--to our students’ own lived experience.

--From a Teaching Observation